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tv   News  ABC  January 7, 2011 6:30am-7:00am EST

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now, "good morning, maryland." two people injured following a soaries of tense moments involving suspicious packages at maryland department transportation as well as along i-95. all things clear this morning? we will have a live answer for you coming up. police are stunned a man walk his dog in his yard shot and killed. now they need your help finding out who did it. it's purple friday. we are gearing up for a huge matchup coming up in kc. as baltimore and kansas city kick off the 2011 nfl playoffs and it's 6:31 on this january #th. good morning, i am charlie crowson we will check in with megan pringle live on location at the site of one of the suspicious package discoversy can be discoveries but first
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--discoveries but first weather and traffic dominating the news as the snowfalls. justin what do you have. >> basically, i want to do the headlines. it's snowing and what's sticking in your location. a dusting a half inch or an inch. we have the spread op target with the forecast. slightly lower amounts but stars have come back out in a carroll county and 2/10 there and stars are out. but we have more snow from hampstead and eastern baltimore county and problems in harford county. numerous reports of bad roads especially north of fallston up towards the pa line. but, generally, we don't have a school delay for you in harford. we don't have a school delay in har fore. we understand your roads are click. we have delays in baltimore county and howard carroll county where the snow is actually winding down or come to evened. on average, though, a dusting to an inch of snow on the roads. a break in the action with flurries this afternoon and maybe more into weekend.
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bel air we are showing 27 degrees so every flake that has fallen pretty much has chance to stick. and we will show you a time- lapse and glen oak and showyou how site it snowed. road look wet but when they are wet they could be icy. look at parking lot. they are at 30 with the two hour delay. the most powerful doppler radar, the snow is coming to an end in fallston and bel air where the clip is east and port deposit, havre de grace that duper blee blue heading your way. you've burst and expect a one to three inch range of snowfall up towards cecil county and pourings of the eastern -- horses -- portions of the eastern shore. here's kim to talk about icing problems around the region. >> reporter: that's right. given the road temperatures are cold, and we have this precipitation that's causing for very slick conditions, now as we look live at the beltway, 695 at providence road week don't have any major problem.
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-- road, we don't have major problems but the major problems is key bridge outer loop on the main span is closed because of a serious accident. they closed the left lane on the inner loop side of the key bridge span so try to avoid that this morning. expect significant delays. they are trying to set up a detour. in the meantime, drivers can use the fort mchenry tunnel to get around that. west side in glen oaks, liberty road remains closed between patterson avenue and forest hill road because of an earlier accident. windsor mill gets you around that. and we have a crash in howard county. westbound route 40 approaching route 29. charlie, back to you. >> kim, justin, thanks. time 6:34. two suspicious packages were found in anne arundel county yesterday afternoon. it caused moments of panic and sent state employees scrambling as well as federal agents swarming to both locations. megan prinkel is live in hanover -- pringle is live in hanover at one of the sites. very tense moments yesterday and probably frightened workers coming to work together today. >> reporter: yes, as you can imagine, they are apprehensive
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coming back to work. the packages contained a note complaining about the state's terrorism tip line. but it was inside the packages that caused so much panic. and one of the mail rooms affected here. the mdot building in hanover. the other in annapolis. even though the buildings were evacuated yesterday, today the doors are open and it's business as usual they say. now the governor did say that hereceived a firey package that was addressed to him. he didn't receive it. it contained a note complaining about the alerts we see on state highway signs telling people to report suspicious activity if they see it. the two packages found 20 miles apart. other one in annapolis both small in size about the size of a small book ignited released a strange smell like sulfur when they were opened yesterday at the two buildings. workers who handled the packages slightly injured but we are told they are doing fine. >> when the employee opened
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that package, there was an initial flash of fire and smoke and a smell that emanated from that reaction. the employee reported his fingers being singed but refused any medical treatment. >> reporter: authorities speak to us and we pass the information along to you, they wanted us to be very clear that these were not explosive devices or bombs. what they are described incendiary device and they believe it's an isolated incident, the work of one person and the investigation continues this morning. we will be out here this morning as workers head back to work at the mdot building in hanover. now back to you, charlie. >> thanks a lot. time 6:36. you know, this probably is not the best way to deal with the ever rising gas prices. an elderly man driving his electric wheelchair down i-95 in fairfield connecticut. the camera caught the driver mostly on the shoulder, authorities believe he did make it on the highway at one point.
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the man was not given a ticket. however, police are saying that traveling on the highway by way of electric scooter or wheelchair is illegal. this is a story to phone home about. an atlanta man's cell phone helped hip dodge a bullet. he was hit but not hurt. john ga-rber shows off the battery on the cell phone that saved his life. he works as a valet and was helping a customer get his car when shots were fired. one of the stray bullets hit the battery on his phone and untimately saved his life. >> really, truthfully, dodge the bullet i mean, it could have caught me if i wouldn't have turned when i did. >> well his employee is saying guess what, he is going to replace the cell phone. off to break. before we do, listen up you gadget geeks. justin this year's hottest items are on display in las vegas. it's the international consumer electronics show. what hot tech items you might want to think about getting your hands on. and it's purple friday. but some of you are thinking
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about baseball season. that's right. the fan fest is coming. there's one big change coming down the pike. we are back in a bit. good morning, maryland.
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welcome back. if you are a gadget geek, christmas comes a few weeks late in the form of the annual international consim electronics show underway -- consumer electronics show underway in las vegas. cutting edge blow your mind technology. we have a look at the hot trends. >> reporter: if it's hot tech trend in 2011 it's here. it's clear the race is on in the tablet computer sector as apple competitors try to conten with the ipad. >> i think the big contender could be this motorola tablet that runs the new vastly revamped version of and droid. and -- android and there's
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excitement around that. >> reporter: 2011 is a big year for smart phones. >> we will see android phones with cameras on the front that can scape through each other. >> reporter: and the apps that make the smart phone smart are smarter. >> an app for taking your blood pressure that can update it on the phone. >> reporter: and another draw at this year's show, smart tv. >> mart tvs are the internet connected devices that can in some cases pull from you tube and bring together all the content that is floating around the internet previously locked up to computeers and -- commuters -- computers and smart phones and put it on the big screen. >> reporter: we can only wond hear they will thinking of next year. you are now clicked in. >> coming up, mail rooms across maryland are closed after multiple reports of suspicious packages. we will have the latest including a new incident in howard county and how the investigation could affect your commute. and she is a god mother of west
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baltimore and stepping down from city council. so, who has been choseen to replace her. and we are headed to kansas city. it's purple friday. and we are getting you pumped up to take on the chiefs coming up this sunday. it's friday. january 7th, 6:42. good morning, maryland.
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now, "good morning, maryland." it's 6:45. on this friday. january 7th, good morning maryland. i am charlie crowson. this is your abc2 news to go. kick. justin berk is standing by with the latest. good morning. >> 6:46. good morning. we had enough snow to produce a coating and icy spots and locations such as towson west towson elementary school. watch the parking lot turn behight a brief period of snow lasting two hours and maybe a quarter to a half inch with 27 degrees. watch annapolis. we have time-lapse here highlighting the parking lot. watch that turn white and you can see some snowflakes freeze a little bit at 30 degrees at the harvard school of the ports of partly cloudy skies in baltimore. howard and carroll county where you picked up the dusting to half ionch on target with the
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expectation and it's done. but we are watching the snow havre de grace and port deposit up towards cecil county providence where you can see an inch or show so. we have problems on the road in harford county. know delays for you but the road are slick and slippery. bel air north, even though the skies are starting to clear. the forecast in just a few minutes. now a check on more icy roads with kim bound brown. >> reporter: it's not a lot of snow out there. but it's enough to make treacherous driving conditions especially with that black ice camouflaging well on the area streets. looking live at 95, at mountain road, we had an accident reported in the northbound lanes blocking the left lane. appears to be gone right now. some of the road have not been treated. we have a major problem on the key bridge where you will find the outer loop lanes closed on the main span and the left lane is close on the inner loop side. they set up a detour where the outer loof traffic is turned around at exit 1. that's quarantine road and detoured on inner loop, expect significant delays use the fort mchenry tunnel as an alternate.
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i will have a complete check on the roads in a few minutes. now back to you, charlie. >> thanks a lot. new for you this morning, i- 59 reopened after two suspicious packages were -- i- 95 reopened after two suspicious packages were found. officers closed both direction of 95 at meadow ridge road and let businesses and residents know what was going on. investigators then found a second package in that general vicinity. turns out both of those packages posed no real danger at all. same cannot be said for government workers in hanover and annapolis. two were injured when two packages caught fire. abc2's megan pringle is hive at one of the locations with the latest -- live at one of the locations with the late of the details. probably going to be a tense day and nervousness as people make their way in on this friday morning. >> reporter: good morning. no one showed up for work yet. it is too early here at maryland department of transportation building in hanover. however, if you can imagine, people are apprehensive.
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after all yesterday, they were scrambling out of the building evacuated after the suspicious packages were found. this is what we are talking about. it all started after two packages about the size of two small books i go night and released a strange smell that was described as sulfur like when they were open at maryland state government building two different buildings 20 miles apart. two employees burned their fingers. however we are told the injuries not serious. now the other package is about 20 miles from where we are now. that other one in annapolis just about a block or half a block away from the statehouse. a package with what's being described as a insinneddary device was opened and a flash of fire went off so smoke and that odor from that reaction. that package contained a note complaining about the state terrorism tip line and was addressed to the governor. >> and emergency official responded to the location. the headquarters was evacuated. >> we are working with the federal agencies and postal
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service and the fbi and atf had folks here as well. >> reporter: the package watts addressed to 100 state circle annapolis which is the address of the statehouse. and there were christmas lights posted stamps five on that package as well as the one in hanover. as you can imagine, this happened because they happened within a close time of each other, mail rooms at all state buildings were put on alert and that created a little panic for example in downtown baltimore. the streets were shut off particularly around martin luther king boulevard. that turned out to be nothing but this morning you better believe everybody is going to be looking into who did this and why. we are live in anne arundel county, megan pringle, abc2 news. >> thank you. a great job. ten minutes before seven on this friday. and as soon as incidents happened, word went out to state agencies in annapolis and around the state of maryland. many of the agencies located here in baltimore, so likely they were on high alert. as you can imagine, the response when a suspicious package was discovered at state
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office complex on mlk boulevard. no device was found prop to be -- proven to be threatening. it was a delivery of laptop batteries that caused the commotion. the complex will open as normal. another device caused a concern at mitchell courthouse yesterday as well. that turned out to be a box of toner for a laser printer. crime stopper posters are going up all over northeastern baltimore neighborhood as they are hoping someone anyone can help them with information in the murder of hezekiah wilson. he was killed in his front yard. he had no known enemies and his murder is baffling police as well as his family. so city homicide detectives are posting flyers all over the neighborhood because they know that they cannot do it alone. they need someone anyone whknows something to speak out. his family wants you to remember him and how the sloes impacting the family -- how this loss is impacting the family. >> my brother was out here taking care of his dog.
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and for somebody, some lunatic to come through and the person doesn't realize how they affect our family taking hmm away from us. -- taking him away from us. there's no word to describe what we are going through right now. >> the wilson family is planning a memorial service for hezekiah wilson next tuesday. it will be at noon at st. abraham baptist church at 1124 west north avenue. now to the latest on the vacant council seat in the 9th district. it appears that seat is going to stay in the welch family. the vacancy nominating committee says they recommended the appointment of pete welch to fill the seat of agnes welch. in statement council president say he and other members and all four candidates with work hard in a position but says in casting the votes, they placed the interest of the residents of the 9th district first agnes welch served nearly three decades on city council. time is 6:52. you want intensity? head a thousand miles west
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along i-706789 ravens chiefs a lot on the line this morning. it's all about the hype and excitement the leading up to sunday's big game. abc2 sherrie johnson is here with details of what ravens fans are doing getting ready to paint the town purple. >> reporter: the playoff purple friday caravan hits the road to get fans excited. caravan will kick things off in timonium at 7:15. fans are encouraged to wear purple and drop by the locations to support the team. each spot will have give aways and special discounts and a rapel for an autographed piece of memorabilia. the cheerleaders and marching band and the mascot will be on hand at the rallies. some of the rally locations include triple -- aaa on york road and state capitol andfirehouse tavern. so put on purple and come out and support the ravens as they go head to head with the kansas city chiefs. in the stewedo, -- studio, sherrie johnson. >> our field general is going
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to be in kansas city. ravens gear packed ready to go for the big game sunday. live reports scheduled for tonight at 5, six and 11 and a wrap-up on sunday scheduled for 6:30. well if you are ready for baseball season to start, you will-excited the oriole fan fest is coming up. there's changes. this year for the first time, fans will be charged to getautographs from the favorite players. all proceed go to benefit youth charities. there will be 250 vouchers at 15 bucks a pop available for each autograph session. vouchers go on sale january 15th through the orioles website. oriole fan fest is saturday, january 29th from lev in the morning -- 11 in the morning until 6 at night. justin. now, maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weatherate. good morning. 6:54. look it came and went pretty much on schedule and skies are turning partly cloudy and clearing back towards the west. but, a little bit of snow and
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iced up with 25 laurel, and 27 woodbine and about 2/10 of an inch from westminster. 26. 27 cockeysville. i heard many problem of icy roads in harford county especially up fallston and pushing up towards the pa line. you are not in a delay this morning. you can follow delays at the bottom of the screen but there's problems there perhaps upwards to ionch or slightly higher amounts in cecil county. chestertown saturday 29a few flakes in easton may have wasted some to drying as this crossed the bay and flared up here. you can see the enhancement pushing off through the delmarva. philidelphia, new jersey, new york and they get the head and we get drying in here. we have had as expected our dusting to ionch and that nuisance snow for the morning commute. slightly higher amounts. probably not that one inch in york county but lancaster up towards the cecil and maybe parts of howard county could be in the one inch plus range including delaware. generally partly cloudy. and we will hit 36 with flurries. watching another disturbance that could reach us overnight
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and tomorrow. see the future radar showing the stuff getting out of here. i have to pint out maybe a dusting to ionch by tomorrow morning with the next shot 30 saturday afternoon. dry on sunday, and we are looking for coastal storm with more significant snow on tuesday. women. >> reporter: you talk about harford county in fallston. route 165 is closed between route 152 and fairview drive. problem in the baldwin area as well. look live at 95 at mountain road, this appears to be treated. traffic is moving at a better pace. we have a lot of problems around the area. checking around the maps, the big one on the key bridge outer loop main span is closed because of an accident. one lane closed on the inner loop side. traffic is being detoured on the outer loop as you approach exit one that's quarantined road and expect delays. and avoid the key bridge. we are dealing with closure on liberty road that is closed between patterson and forest hill road and lots of problems report on pulaski highway and
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white marsh. so expect icy conditions as you make your way around. >> updates at 25 and 55 with the guys. we are out of time. see you then.
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